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Best 15 Under Sink Trash Cans Reviews 2021

Nobody likes the sight of garbage, especially kitchen waste. Food is one of the filthiest wastes because it decomposes and attracts nasty insects and rodents. For such reasons people need to have their trash contained and away from our paths or sight. If you want a squeaky-clean kitchen, storing trash in the kitchen cabinets is the next option. An added benefit to this is keeping your pets such as dogs and cats away from your trash.

Whatever your reason is to get one, I guarantee that they are lie changing. You will spare yourself a lot of discomfort if you choose to get one. We have worked tirelessly to present you 15 of the best under sink trash cans. However, before you take a look, here are some things you need to consider before making your choice.

Things to Consider

Number of Compartments

You can have from one to three under sink trash cans, allowing you to do multiple things. To begin with, you may simply benefit from having a lot of room to put your trash. They are also great for separating them should you wish to recycle.

With or Without Lid or Cover

Having a lid in an under-sink trash can may appear unreasonable because they are already hidden, but they are actually a great idea. If you pick one with a lid, it will be definitely harder to access but having no lid means odors will be noticeable and insects and rodents could access it.

Attached Door or Open the Door

Having an attached door definitely makes it easy and efficient to dispose of the trash because it is usually a single movement operation. As opposed to opening the door and pulling out the under-sink trash can.


This will determine the amount of trash you can hold. Some under sink trash cans have additional baskets to hold items like shopping paper bags.

Placement of Containers

Whether the cabinets are placed in line, behind each other, or side by side is very important because it will determine how far you have to pull out the drawer to access the correct trash can. Side by side takes less space while those in line need more.

Top 15 Under Sink Trash Cans Reviews

[amazon box=”B0002XD08Y”]

The SimpleHuman Under-Counter Trash Pull Outs is one of the best options for an under-sink trash can without a lid. It has two bins, with the black front one being 20 liters and the blue recycle bin is 15 liters. This gives you the ability to separate your wastes appropriately. Even though they appear smaller compared to others on this list, they will fit your everyday under sink trash can needs. 

SimpleHuman Under-Counter Trash Pull Outs also features a steel frame, full-extension slides, and an easy access handle. Allowing you to operate with ease.  They come in dimensionally at 9.8″Wide x 17.7″ Deep x 19.1″ High, making it ideal for smaller cabinets.

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The Good

  • Comes Pre-assembled hence no need for a professional installer
  • Full-Extension Slides allowing the rails to be fully extended
  • Integrated Pull Handle for ease of use
  • Steel Frame ensuring durability

The Bad

  • Does not feature Soft-Close
  • Fills Up Fast dues to small capacity

[amazon box=”B00KYYMFF0″]

The Knape & Vogt Wire Frame Trash Pull Outs are another great option for those with slim cabinets. However, they come in different sizes, allowing you to select what fits your needs perfectly. This one with a 20 quart in will easily fit within a 9″cabinet opening.  

Similar to the SimpleHuman Under-Counter Trash Pull Outs above, this one too comes pre-assembled. It features a sturdy wire frame with heavy duty slides allowing years of pull out action on this unit.  There is an included handle pull for gliding the unit out of the cabinet.

The Good

  • Clip-On Handle Pull makes operating it a breeze
  • Comes already assembled
  • Great operating stability thanks to the wire frame
  • Ideal for different Base Cabinets depending on your need

The Bad

  • Lids Sold and Door Mounting Kits sold separately

Knape & Vogt in Cabinet Pull out Trash Can

[amazon box=”B0032WQ2CS”]

This pull-out trash by Knape & Vogt is one of the best quality ones on this list. This is partly thanks to the platinum color finish but also its sturdy construction. It is made of steel and plastic, which ensures longevity due to lack of corrosion while also making it easy to clean.

It also features a specialized wire management system that holds the 20 quart trash can in place when you are pulling it out of the cabinet. This unit will also conceal the odors and hold the bag in place because it has a lid. Its Installation is also quite simple as they are mounted from the bottom; it’s only a four-screw ordeal, alleviating the need for a professional installer. The unit comes in at 8 by 8.1 by 20 inches allowing it to fit in almost all cabinets. 

I will be honest with you, it is a bit expensive. However, you will get a high-quality item that can last a lifetime If you’re not afraid to spend a little more. This Knape & Vogt In Cabinet Pull Out Trash Can guarantee that you are getting a high-quality product for the steep price you will pay to have it.

The Good

  • Bin held very securely in place
  • Heavy-duty Mounting straps
  • Preassembled making it easy to install
  • Very smooth and soft rails for quiet operation

The Bad

  • Trash can is smaller for its price

Rev-A-Shelf RV Series Trash Pull Outs

[amazon box=”B000VTVE6Y”]

This RV Series trash pull out is extremely versatile by offering various sizes to suit your needs. It features either a single or double under sink trash can systems. Whatever option you choses (double 27qt. and double 35qt.) you can rest happy knowing that they will both fit in standard cabinet sizes. The unit comes in at 14-3/8″ Wide x 22″ Deep x 19-1/4″ High in dimensions when fully assembled. 

The Rev-A-Shelf RV Series Trash Pull Outs is also very easy to install, requiring four screws to securely mount it. It's 100lbs. rated railing system is very robust and allows for full-extension beyond the cabinet frame.

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The Good

  • Can be door mounted with the Door Mounting Kit
  • Easy Installation with only four screws needed to secure it
  • Full-Extension Slides
  • Multiple options to fit your needs

The Bad

  • Does not work well with loads past its rated capacity

Rev-A-Shelf Chrome Frame Trash Pull Outs

[amazon box=”B000VTVE6Y”]

The Rev-A-Shelf Chrome Frame under sink trash can is one of the most functional units on this list. It comes in either a single 35qt, double 27qt, or a double 35qt option, giving you as much flexibility and options to choose from as possible.

The Rev-A-Shelf Chrome Frame under sink trash features a chrome wire frame with both a pull-out option or a knock-down unit. This necessitates some little bit of installation as opposed to all the earlier units that come pre-assembled.  Fully assembled, the unit comes in at 11-13/16” Wide x 22-1/4” Deep x 19-1/4” High in dimensions.

The Good

  • Features a modern and Contemporary Look
  • Integrated Handle Pull
  • It is relatively easy to keep clean thanks to the Silver Bins
  • Many options available (Single or Double bins with lids or without)
  • Various Sizes for Base Cabinets

The Bad

  • Requires assembly and may require a professional installer

Rev-a-Shelf 35 QT Pull Out Trash Can with Lid

[amazon box=”B000VTTCZE”]

The Rev-a-Shelf 35 QT under sink Pull Out Trash Can with Lid is one of the dedicated lidded trash cans on this list. This means you do not have to spend extra on the lid, and the trash can was designed with it in mind. With its 35-quart capacity, you are able to store a lot of kitchen waste while locking in all the smells inside.

The Rev-a-Shelf 35 QT comes with a white frame and mounting hardware (only four screws) that makes it very easy to install. It features a reliable ¾ extension ball bearing slide system that allows for smooth and sturdy operation. While installing this unit, please note that even if this under sink trash can was designed with a lid, make sure to check how well it works before mounting it permanently as cabinets are different and it may not work well in all of them without adjustment.

The Good

  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Fast installation thanks to simple mounting system and predrilled holes
  • Glides smoothly courtesy of the ¾ extension ball bearing slide
  • Secures the waste bags perfectly thanks to the lid
  • Lid prevent odor from escaping into the kitchen
  • Big capacity trash can

The Bad

  • Requires a lot of space to open the cover
  • Not a simple installation

Rev-a-Shelf RV-12KD-18C Single Waste Container with Rear Basket

[amazon box=”B000VTVE6Y”]

The Rev-a-Shelf RV-12KD-18C Single Waste Container with Rear Basket is a small and slick under sink trash can made with a high-quality sliding mechanism with double wire construction. The trash can is also made of an extremely durable plastic. 

In addition, this unit features a removable handle on the container, just to make your life that easier. The unit can also be fully extended with 100 pounds of trash for your convenience. This means you can wait longer before emptying the waste can. Rev-a-Shelf also made sure that the RV-12KD-18C Single Waste Container with Rear Basket would be easy to install by including all the hardware components necessary.

The Good

  • Can be extend fully extended with 100 pounds of trash
  • Removable handle on the container
  • Solid and well-designed ensuring durability
  • Straight forward installation alleviating the need for professional help
  • Sturdy and smooth sliding mechanism

The Bad

  • Instructions were a bit unclear

Rev-A-Shelf 53WC Series Soft-Close Trash Pull Outs

[amazon box=”B00VI795EQ”]

The Rev-A-Shelf 53WC Series Soft-Close Series trash pull out is one of the best basic under sink trash cans with soft closing trash pull out system. you can also get it in a single or dual bin configuration, allowing you the flexibility to separate your trash, or simply give you more capacity. Fully assembled, the Rev-A-Shelf 53WC comes in at 14-3/8″ Wide x 22-1/4″ Deep x 19″ High in dimensions. 

It features a grey frame and matching waste container can(s)making it very stylish, even though it is hidden. This is just the right soft close product to install in a kitchen or laundry room. Rev-A-Shelf also made this unit simple to install just like the RV-12KD-18C by shipping it with all necessary components. The installation is also very straightforward meaning anyone could install this unit.

The Good

  • Can be used with single or double bins
  • Comes included with the door mounting kit
  • Features soft-closing slides
  • Gray color frame making it look sleek
  • Installable in various sized base cabinets

The Bad

  • May require some Basic Assembly

Rev-A-Shelf Wood Drawer Box Trash Pull Out

[amazon box=”B00H45N7RC”]

The Rev-A-Shelf Wood Drawer Box under sink trash can system is one of the highest-end in this list, with arguably the best soft closing mechanism. This top-of-the-line beautiful maple dovetail box wood drawer is not only stylish, but also nice to operate thanks to the two soft-closing slides which mounts on the base of your cabinet. 

Rev-A-Shelf maintains their easy to install theme with the Wood Drawer Box by having it ready for installation right out of the box. It has silver waste bins and a pre-installed adjustable door mounting brackets making it one of the easiest installs possible. The Rev-A-Shelf Wood Drawer Box can be configured in a single 35qt., single 50qt., double 35qt., or double 50qt.

The Good

  • Can be used in either a single or double bin configuration
  • Constructed with beautiful maple dovetail box
  • Door mounting kit integrated into the product
  • Features the best soft-closing slides

The Bad

  • Can be a bit hard to clean

Rev-A-Shelf 5349 Series Soft-Close Trash Pull Outs

[amazon box=”B007C9MUPA”]

The Rev-A-Shelf 5349 Series Soft-Close is the best under sink trash can in this list. It gives you everything you might want other than taking the trash out by itself of course! Jokes aside, this under sink trash can is loaded to the gills with features. To begin with it is made of aluminum hence extremely lightweight and durable compared to others on this list. The 5349 Series Soft-Close is also offered in single 35qt., double 35qt., single 50qt., and double 50qt. trash can option to fit your application. Fully assembled, this unit comes in at 14-13/16″ wide.

The Rev-A-Shelf 5349 Series also has the best soft close in the market. This coupled to the aluminum construction and a contemporary finish makes the Rev-A-Shelf 5349 Series Soft-Close suitable for even the highest end of homes. This is really the best of the best!

The Good

  • Can be configured in Single or Double Bin Options
  • Contemporary Finish for modern high-end homes
  • Easy to install, remove or clean
  • Full-Extension Slides allowing for easy operations in the second bin
  • Soft-Closing Slides

The Bad

  • Features a Wire Frame

Rev-a-Shelf Double 35 Quart Pullout Waste Container

[amazon box=”B000VTRKOE”]

The Rev-a-Shelf Double 35 Quart Pullout is another stylish and exotic under sink trash can on this list. Rev-a-Shelf fitted the 35 Quart Pullout with state-of-the-art soft opening and closing mechanism that uses innovative gas springs to assist the user that assists the smooth opening and closing of the trash drawer. The sliding system will handle150 pounds and still close and open with the same feel.

The unit is made from silver giving it the high end and sleek finish. It features a built-in bracket that mounts on the door and floor. The dual 35-quart waste containers will allow you to take out the rash less frequently thanks to their huge combined capacity. As usual, Rev-a-Shelf made the installation process painless as all you have to do is screw them on.

The Good

  • Large capacity containers for extended use
  • Heavy-duty materials assuring the units durability
  • Efficient state of the art gas shocks patented sliding system
  • Nice aesthetics to fit even the most premium of houses

The Bad

  • Hydraulic mechanism limits full extension

Rev-a-Shelf Stainless Steel Under Sink Trash Can

[amazon box=”B0009EK49E”]

The Rev-a-Shelf Stainless Steel with its 15-liter under sink garbage can is also a great option for some looking at a slide-out design. This unit features automatically sliding mechanisms that will remove the trash can every time you open the cabinet. This offers a lot more convenience especially on those busy days. 

This under sink trash can features an inner receptacle for the trash that is easily removable, for proper cleaning of the trash can. It is very compact while still managing to fit a lot of trash in it. The Rev-a-Shelf Stainless Steel under sink trash can is not as easy to install as other Rev-a-Shelf products on this list but it is not impossible.

The Good

  • Constructed from sturdy materials
  • Features a Removable inner container for easy cleaning
  • Sleek and compact look while managing to hold a lot of trash

The Bad

  • Installation can be complicated

Extrufix Original Kitchen Rack

[amazon box=”B01M1DY1Q0″]

This Extrufix Original Kitchen Rack is the back to basics option on this list. It positions itself as your good old rack that can hold a lot of trash and is perfect for a big household. The unit can hold up to three gallons of trash. Its rack mechanism is made from metal ensuring you years of abuse from your large household. 

Extrufix made the installation process simple by using Nano Pad technology allowing you to simply stick the Extrufix Original Kitchen Rack on any surface. This also makes it easy to relocate this under sink trash can should you wish to.

The Good

  • Large capacity for bigger households
  • Very easy to install and removable
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Sturdy metal construction

The Bad

  • Prone to leaking

Brabantia 395246 10-Liter Built-In Bin

[amazon box=”B00189XUUY”]

The Brabantia 395246 10-Liter Built-In Bin is not the best under sink trash can on this list, but it offers a lot that makes it very desirable. It features its own unique frame that makes the installation of this unit very easy. 

Brabantia 395246 under sink trash can is also made of corrosion resistant material, allowing you to use it for many years. Its trash can hold up to 10 liters of trash which even though is not the biggest on this list, it will surely hold a lot of waste! Fully assembled, this unit comes in at 13 by 10 ¼ by 8 ¼ inches in dimension. The Brabantia 395246 also comes with a 10-year warranty, unlike most of the under-sink trash cans on this list.

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The Good

  • 10-year warranty
  • Constructed with corrosion resistant material
  • Reasonable 10 liter holding capacity
  • Unique frame design

The Bad

  • Not fancy

Simplehuman 35 Liter Under Counter in Cabinet Trash Can

[amazon box=”B000ZIVN9O”]

This list began with a Simplehuman product and we will conclude it with one too. The Simplehuman 35 Liter Under Counter in Cabinet trash can is another impressive unit on this list. It features a tough, reliable and long-lasting heavy-duty steel frame that is guaranteed to last a lifetime, even though Simplehuman gives you a 5-year warranty.  

The Simplehuman 35 Liter also features an integrated steel handle for ease of pulling or pushing the trash can in and out. Fully assembled, the unit comes in at 8 by 17.7 by 19.1 inches in dimensions. This unit is also very easy to install as it comes pre-assembled in the box. The can is made of plastic, which is corrosion resistant.

The Good

  • Capacity: 3 gallons capacity allows for less trips to the garbage pit
  • Plastic and steel frame construction for maximum durability
  • 5-year warranty

The Bad

  • No lid


Whether you need a premium fancy double bin under sink trash can or a simple single industrial design, this best under sink trash can list has got you covered. It has something for everybody, and in most cases, it will come down to personal preference. All in all, under the sink trash cans are a great addition to any household that does not have them yet, or for people simply looking to upgrade. Remember the things to consider before making your choice.

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