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Best Truck Bed Liner Kit

Since the advent of the first car or truck on the market, these mechanical machines' functions and features have evolved significantly over the years. They have grown to become crucial aspects of our day to day lives, and it's good if we treat them as such. Perhaps the most notable type of car for most people today would be the trucks.


It’s because you can use them to haul large items, and they are also exceptionally convenient for heavy-duty applications. This guide goes in-depth into some of the best truck bed liner kit brands on the market you should consider. When you have a truck bed liner, you are sure your car's interior section is safe from damage from bulky items such as beds or fridges.

Let us dive right into it:

Best Truck Bed Liner Kit: Comparison Chart

Best for All truck types 

[amazon fields=”B003CT49B2″ value=”thumb”]

Rust-Oleum, Black 248914 Truck Bed Coating Spray  

  • Suitable for use on fenders, metal surfaces and trailer floors
  • Dries in 1 hour and can cover 20 sq feet of space
  • The textured nonskid finish is resistant to scratches and more
  • Can comfort to the exact shape of the truck bed

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Best for Large and medium sized trucks

[amazon fields=”B07SWNZB4W” value=”thumb”]

MAX LINER D0422 Truck Bed Liner, Black 

  • Made using custom fit 3D laser scans for the interior of your car
  • Raised edges all around ensure the mess stays off your liner
  • Has a textured and skid resistant surface liner material
  • The stain resistant and odorless material makes it easy to set up

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Best for All truck types 

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WESTIN 50-6465 Bed Mat Black Finish 

  • Made using heavy weight rubber for longevity
  • The ribbed and non-slip surface offers optimal traction
  • Its made using 100% recycled rubber material
  • The truck bed is easy to install and highly convenient

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How To Buy The Best Truck Bed Liner Kit

Truck Bed Liner FAQ?

Q. What is Truck Bed Liner?

A. Truck bed liners are unique mechanisms that you set up on your truck's bed to help protect it from long-term damage. Usually, these structures are special inserts that you set up and are made to suit most flagship trucks' specific dimensions on the market. They are also available in many types and with many different features to suit unique truck brands. The common types are the "drop in" and the "spray-on" types.

Q. What Does Truck Bed Liner Cost?

A. Just as you would expect, the average cost of a truck bed liner relates to various factors. These include the brand, the type, the material types, and more. The best choice for you would be to go for products recommended by reliable information sources and those from a reliable brand.

Types of Bed Liners

There are four main types of truck bed liners on the market, and each is suitable for specific applications. Below is a description of each of them:

Drop-In Bed Liner

These types are the common ones you find in most trucks that you get from the consumer market. Usually, they are made using materials such as molded plastic or high-quality PVC. These types are often bolted onto the car's structure and can sit stable regardless of the weight of your items. 

The dense plastic types are economical and suitable for everyday applications. Thus, if you want to perform DIY renovations, or have to haul large items such as car spare parts on a daily, then these options are excellent. Plus, they are also affordable and won't require any maintenance, other than cleaning.

Spray-On Liner

The spray-on types are also excellent and straightforward to apply. Unlike the drop-in types, they are not durable and only suitable for short term applications. Plus, the coating is not often durable enough to protect the truck's physical structure, and you only use them when you need a simple DIY option for your truck. On average, expect to spend anything between $250 to $400 for the spray-on liner types.

Bed Mats

These types are also common and are often made for short applications as well. However, the good thing about them is that you don't need any tools or mechanical components to set them up. The only issue with using the bed mats is that they are not durable compared to the drop in liner types. Expect to find bed mats that are made using materials such as plastic, heavy-duty polyester, PVC, and more.

Features and Factors of the Best Truck Bed Liner Kit 

When investing in a truck bed liner, ensure you check the features and determine whether it's suitable for your vehicle. Below are some of the few key types we found in your car:

Material Construction

Go for a truck bed liner that is made using heavy-duty and durable materials for the right purpose. You will be hauling large items in your truck, and its good if you go for a bed liner that is suitable for carrying items such as fridges. The common materials you will come across include plastic, PVC, and more. That means that it will not only protect your truck from damage and dings, but it can withstand the harshest of conditions. Plus, the material should be durable against issues such as gravel or battery acid.

Truck Bed Liner Fit

The ideal truck bed liner should be molded to suit a specific model or make of vehicle. In essence, it should fit like a glove and be durable against any unusual movements when traveling. Plus, the unique material should create a void-free surface, without compromising your truck. It should also provide easy access to your factory tie-downs and accessories.

Comfort and Ease of Use Functions

Remember to go for material that is knee-friendly and suitable for hauling large cargo as you move around. Usually, these bed liners feature padded materials that will prevent pets from swaying side to side as you try to make turns. 

Longevity and Quality

The quality of the material should be fade and UV resistant. Go for bed liner kits that are made using materials that can absorb water while also being resistant to mildew or mold issues. The ideal type will feature material that lets water run off the surface, and in some cases, through a zippered perimeter. The material should also dry fast and be easy to clean using resources such as power washer or vacuum. 

Top Pick 

MAX LINER D0422 Truck Bed Liner, Black 

[amazon box=”B07SWNZB4W”]

Enhance your truck's style and functionality when you finally get the MAX LINER D0422 MAT for your truck. It's an excellent floor liner that will brighten up and prevent any issues such as unsightly staining. Plus, the custom mats will protect your car's interior and provide an excellent way to improve your vehicle's longevity by blocking issues such as spills.

The mats are cut to laser precision to ensure they can fit perfectly to your car's structure. Made using modern styling and appealing materials, this max liner is the perfect addition to your truck. The custom-fit precision liners are made using 3D laser scans for optimal precision.

The material is also stain-resistant, and it provides odorless protection with a unique modern style. Thus, your car has a first-class look, while also maintaining the ideal resale value levels. The truck's bed liner kit makers have also done well to ensure it's available in various options to provide optimal coverage. 

The first row in any vehicle is the most commonly used aspect of the car, and it's prone to elements such as dust and water. If your car is under constant abuse from spills and messes, then this can lead to wear and tear on the driver's side. Over time, this can lead to an unsightly floor and compromise your car's value. Thus, this is why the MAX LINER D0422 Bed Liner kit comes with a reinforced out lip that fits snugly to your car's structure.

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The Good

  • Made using custom-fit 3D laser scans for the interior of your car
  • Raised edges all around ensure the mess stays off your liner
  • Has a textured and skid-resistant surface liner material
  • The stain-resistant and odorless material makes it easy to set up

The Bad

  • N/A

Editor’s Choice

Rust-Oleum, Black 248914 Truck Bed Coating Spray

[amazon box=”B003CT49B2″]

Maintain the structure of your truck when you have the Rust-Oleum Truck Coating Spray, which makes up for an excellent kit for your car. It's ideal for truck beds, trailer floors, and various metal types of metal surfaces. It will stop rust formulas and provide the longevity you need to enjoy years of reliable performance. The spray is available with an "any angle spray" comfort tip, that will reduce finer fatigue complications.

Plus, the spray's unique design makes it easy to reach places that are hard to pain in the structure of your car. Since its dries fast, you can use it to perform various types of spraying. You can use it to cover an exceptional 20 sq ft of space.

You will find this coating spray simple to use with a roller, brush, or paint spraying system. These are all mechanisms that provide direct control during the application process and improved total coverage per can. The clear coats will offer the same level of protection as you would when using opaque coatings. 

Weather, rust, and wear are serious complications to the structure of your car. Thus, the Rust-Oleum Bed coatings all contain potent ingredients that can stop corrosion and protect your car's metals from most types of damage. It has a specialized texture that includes chip, scratch, and fade resistant materials for the best results.

The Good

  • Suitable for use on fenders, metal surfaces, and trailer floors
  • Dries in 1 hour and can cover 20 sq feet of space
  • The textured non skid finish is resistant to scratches and more
  • Can comfort to the exact shape of the truck bed

The Bad

  • Could use a better finish for longevity

Also Remember

WESTIN 50-6465 Bed Mat Black Finish 

[amazon box=”B07L5DFXT1″]

With the Westin 50-6465 Bed Mat Black, you have a reliable and simple to use resource for your truck. The truck bed liner is designed to protect your truck from damage, and it's easy to set up. The cut fit-bed mat is molded to suit specific vehicle applications, and it's also suitable to use with short or long bed trucks.

Before investing in the ideal truck bed liner, remember to go for products from a reliable brand. We have the Westin 50-6465 Bed mat, which is suitable for this purpose, and is also easy to set up. You can even leave it outdoors with your truck, because the mat can resist exposure to issues such as dust and dirt. 

The Bed Mat is made using 100% recycled heavyweight rubber with a non-slip surface to make things better. These are excellent materials that will help keep your car in the right place and for longevity purposes. The good thing about this truck bed liner kit is that its also easy to install, and you don't require any tools to complete the process.

The Good

  • Made using heavyweight rubber for longevity
  • The ribbed and non-slip surface offers optimal traction
  • Its made using 100% recycled rubber material
  • The truck bed is easy to install and highly convenient

The Bad

  • N/A

Bedrug BedMat | BMT19CCS | for Spray Bed Liner 

[amazon box=”B07J4GJ6CS”]

Improve the functionality of your wonderful truck with the BMT19CCS Bed Liner Kit. Made using 100% polypropylene, this unit is durable and can ensure years of reliable performance. More so, the slid, and skid resistant fiber material means that the bed liner can work well for various applications.

Thanks to the cushioned foam and nonskid surface, you are sure of a bed liner that ensures everything is in place while also protecting your car. The mats are suitable for exterior use, and you can be sure they won't absorb any water when in use. The other good thing is that the mat features fade and UV-resistant material to ensure your track can withstand most damage types. 

Installation is a crucial factor to consider when you want to but the right bed liner kit for your car. The BedRug brand has identified this aspect by ensuring this truck bed liner kit is easy to install. Each set is available with hooks and loop fasteners to make them perfect for stability purposes.

The Good

  • Made using 100% polypropylene for an ultra-tough work surface
  • The slip and skid-resistant material is convenient
  • The material is chemical, waterproof, and stain resistant
  • Easy to install with minutes

The Bad

  • Not suitable for the large trucks

BedRug Bed Mat BMC07CCD fits 5'8" BED

[amazon box=”B003CSQAH4″]

Realize what you have been missing in your truck when you have the BedRug Bed Mat BMC07CCD Truck Bed Liner. It's a truck bed with a unique drop-in style, and it does not require you to drill your truck bed before installation. The bed mat will be secure using plastic lugs to insert into small holes you drill in the plastic bed liner.

The slip and skid resistant fiber material are durable – perfect for longevity purposes. The other good thing is that the mat is secured using unique plastic lugs that you install in small holes in the bed liner. With such an excellent installation process, you are sure of a factory finished and a well-maintained truck bed liner kit.

You will also find it easy to install this truck bed liner in your vehicle. Installation is unique for a truck that doesn't feature a drop-in bed liner compared to those with spray-in or no liner. Each product is available with products that are easy to understand and specific installation instructions. The best part about all this is that a hook and high-quality loop fasteners hold down the truck bed liner.

The Good

  • Slip and skid resistant truck bed fiber material
  • The truck bed offers superior comfort
  • Has a waterproof, and chemical resistant material

The Bad

  • You may need help to install this unit the right way

BedRug Full Bedliner BRH17RBK fits 17+ RIDGELINE

[amazon box=”B01MQJYPR1″]

Make your truck way more functional when you have the BedRug BRH17RBK Ridgeline truck bed liner. The truck bed liner has a rugged construction, which makes it suitable for handling heavy cargo and various items. Plus, the anti-skid surface also does well to ensure your cargo won't slip or slide when in the car. 

The bed liner kit is knee-friendly, and the ¾ cushioned floor provides optimal shock absorption for your items. Made using foam materials that you also find in life jackets, this unit's material won't absorb any mold or mildew. 

The truck bed liner's material will run water off the surface, and the zippered perimeter makes it durable against various issues. Thanks to the high-quality factory drain holes in the truck bed, you are sure its durable against water exposure, and it also dries fast. 

Its one of the unique bed liner kits you will find on the market. It's ultra-tough, and the polypropylene material means that you have years of reliable functionality. It can stand up the harshest conditions, and it's also excellent for hauling bulky items around.

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The Good

  • Rugged construction that can handle heavy cargo
  • The knee-friendly and cushioned floor offers shock absorption
  • The waterproof and stain-resistant material is durable
  • The anti-skid surface ensures your items won't slide

The Bad

  • Has an unusual smell when removed from the packaging

BedRug Full Bedliner BRC07LBK fits 07+ SILVERADO / SIERRA 8' BED 

[amazon box=”B0016HWNQU”]

You can improve your truck's longevity and value when you set up the Bedrug Full Bedliner BRC07LBK Sierra Bed Liner Kit. It has a rugged design that does well to handle heavy cargo and also ensures longevity. To make things better, the bed liner kit is durable against various issues, including bleach, oil, and even battery acid, that you can wash off with ease.

The comfortable and knee-friendly ¾ cushioned floor is comfortable and can protect your items from damage. The material on this bed liner kit is stain and UV resistant, along with being easy to clean for ease of maintenance.

Designed to fit a specific make and model, this liner is suitable for various applications, and it will fit your truck like a glove. The bed liner kit will provide a void-free surface without compromising the structure of your truck. Plus, the unique design of this unit provides easy access to your accessories for your convenience. The non skid surface is perfect for keeping your cargo in place, and the in-built hinge between the tailgate and the bed will stop the accumulation of debris.

The foam used to make this bed liner ensures that water runs off the surface, and the zippered perimeter keeps it safe from any form of damage.

The Good

  • Has a rugged construction that can handle heavy cargo
  • The comfortable and cushioned floor is ideal for delicate items
  • The anti-skid surface ensures your cargo won't shift when in use
  • The stain and UV resistant is easy to clean

The Bad

  • N/A

Husky Liners Heavy Duty Bed Mat Fits Ford F-150 5.8' Bed

[amazon box=”B084J67MZR”]

Owning a truck is all about making good decisions and going for the right products. Thus, this is why the Husky Liners Heavy Duty Bed Mat would make up for your modern car's perfect fit. It's a heavy-duty mechanism that is tough enough to protect your bed and even cargo. Thanks to the Dura Grip HD anti-skid surface, this bed grips on your truck for optimal traction.

Thanks to the rubberized DuraGrip HD surface, you have a mat that is tough enough to protect your bed from damage or any dings. This bed mat's soft nature makes it durable, and it can resist exposure to issues such as chemicals. Most rubber bed mats have the scent of rubber tires and solvent. Thus, this is why the Husky Liner heavy duty bed mat smells like a hit of something delightful. 

The 360-degree rotatable design makes this truck bed liner suitable for various truck and different sized items. It's a unique structure that ensures moisture won't get trapped between the mat and the bed. Plus, the air-dry nibs will slightly elevate, which makes it easy for air to pass through and help dry moisture. 

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The Good

  • Comes with an HD anti-skid surface that grips your cargo
  • Has dry nibs that slightly elevate the mat
  • Easy to install and set up in a few seconds

The Bad

  • Not suitable for truck that have large beds

Best Truck Bed Liner Kit: Final Thoughts

Being able to take good care of your track is about making the right decisions and when it matters the most. So, you have just bought your new Ford F150, and you want to use to carry large items such as fridges or car spare parts. Stop for a moment, and remember that you need resources such as the best truck bed liner kits for the best user experience. When you have one of these kits, your truck is safe from issues such as scratches, and it also helps enhance your truck's aesthetics.

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