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Best Jumper Cables Buying Guide 2021

A dead or a weak car battery might occur occasionally, but it's a common issue. Similar to a flat tire, it's a repair issue you can handle DIY. Owning one of the best jumper cables can be a convenient way to get back on the road fast. But before buying, remember that these cables are available with different features that you have to consider.

Car battery jumper cables should be a crucial aspect of your emergency driving regimen for the obvious reasons. To ensure you don't get stuck out dead in the night during winter or worse! While jumper leads are an important resource, "REMEMBER" to practice caution when using them. These are powerful power supply mechanisms, and the electrical system in cars is also delicate.  

In this YouTube Video, you will gain more insight on safety practices when using such cables.

We have prepared a comprehensive guide that covers all the key aspects when buying jumper cables. Let us dive right into it: 

Top 7 Jumper Cables Buying Guide 2021

Energizer Jumper Cables Heavy Duty Booster Jump Start Cable 

Energizer Jumper Cables, 20 Feet, 2...
  • Energizer 20 Feet Jumper Cables - 20 FT, 2 Gauge booster battery jumper cables...
  • Thick Vinyl Coating - Includes a strong spring and a comfortable handle for...

Starting your car when stuck has never been this easy! The Energizer Jumper Cables make up for the perfect way for you to jump-start your car. It's an excellent technique for starting SUVs, full-size cars, trucks, and more. Furthermore, the jumper cables are available with a thick vinyl coating. They have also included a unique handle structure that is comfortable, and it features a spring to make it simple to use. Plus, this unit can fit both top and side post batteries, making it highly convenient to use for starting your car.

The cables also have a safety featured vinyl-coated clump, which is durable against issues such as rust and more. To make things convenient for users, the jumper cable set is available with a travel bag, which you can use to store the cables after use. 

The outstanding length of these cables (16ft), means that you can start cars parked in awkward positions. The copper-clad cables are exceptionally flexible, even when used at -40°C. Its perhaps one the most durable cables you will find on the market, and it's also easy to set up on your car. 

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The Good

  • 20 feet jumper cables suitable for starting vehicles
  • Comes with a thick vinyl coating for secure placement
  • The tangle-free cables are easy to manage
  • Available with a travel bag for easy transport

The Bad

  • N/A

Runners Up

TOPDC Jumper Cables 4 Gauge 20 Feet Heavy Duty Booster Cables 

TOPDC Jumper Cables 4 Gauge 20 Feet...
  • GOOD PERFORMANCE: CCA(Copper Coated Aluminum) for easy electrical conductivity...
  • DURABLE CABLES: 4Gauge 20FT 200Amp heavy-duty battery jumper cables. Tangle-free...

Discover the excellence of the TOPDC Jumper Cables, which are perfect for electrical conductivity and power transfer purposes. These cables are exceptionally durable, and you can rely on them for many years to come. These 4Gauge 20FT 200Amp heavy-duty battery jumper cables are suitable for almost jump-starting any type of automobile. They are easy to connect and available with a step by step guide to making things convenient.

Designed to be durable and easy to use, these cables are an excellent addition to any modern car. Furthermore, the cables' durable construction means that they are less prone to issues such as exposure to hot engines. 

You will be pleased with the strong clamps that are suitable for the side and top post sections. The inclusion of a strong spring ensures the clamp sits on the terminal well, without falling issues. As one of the most dynamic resources on the market, this unit is ideal for various automobiles. You can use it to start trucks, vans, SUVs, cars, and more.

The Good

  • Comes with an easy to use manual
  • Available with strong clamps for a secure installation
  • Suitable for jump-starting various types of cars
  • Made using heavy and well-constructed clamps

The Bad

  • N/A

Also Consider 

AmazonBasics Jumper Cable for Car Battery, 10 Gauge, 12 Foot 

AmazonBasics Jumper Cable for Car...
  • 10-gauge copper-clad aluminum (CCA) jumper cables for jump starting a dead or...
  • Heavy-duty, tight-grip alligator clamps with a 110 amp rating; strong spring and...

The AmazonBasics Jumper Cable for car batteries is also a good recommendation for your needs. It's a 10-gauge copper-clad aluminum jumper cable that works well to start dead or weak batteries. Made using heavy-duty and tight grip alligator clamps, you are sure of a reliable set of cables for your projects. The ergonomic handle on this unit means that you will get a secure and comfortable grip each time. 

Each of the four high-performance grip clamps (two red and two black) features a robust spring and comfortable handle for ease of placement. The Amazonbasics brand seems to understand the importance of being able to set up cables conveniently. You never know when you have to start your car dead in the night, during winter! Thus, you will also find it easy to connect the red and black exteriors to the battery's' positive (+) and negative (-) metal terminals.

Thanks to the inclusion of red/black insulated exterior, you are sure these cables are easy to identify and set up. These cables have an excellent 10-gauge rating. You will realize that an eight-gauge cable is more than enough to start most automobiles today. 

The Good

  • 10-gauge copper-clad (CCA) cables perfect for starting weak batteries
  • Made using heavy and tight grip clamps
  • The insulated exterior makes it easy to identify the clamps
  • The flexible cables are 12 foot in length

The Bad

  • Some users find the cables overly long in length 

Booster Cable 4 Gauge x 20Ft 600AMP Heavy Duty Jumper Cable 

Booster Cable 4 Gauge x 20Ft 600AMP...
  • [ETL CERTIFIED 5 YEARS WARRANT] The NoOne 4GA 600A heavy duty construction...
  • [STRONG AND SAFE CLAMPS] The NoOne booster cable has four giant alligator clamps...

Owning a car means that you have to be prepared for any challenges that might arise during your driving experience. Thus, the Booster Cable 4 Gauge Cables are an excellent way to start your car during cold weather. The cable has a 4GA 600A heavy-duty construction, to make it perfect for starting various automobiles. You can use it to start a coupe, full-size SUV, full-size van, trucks, and more.

Furthermore, the NoOne booster cable comes with large alligator clamps that have a strong and jagged tooth. The teeth on these springs will provide an exceptional grip. More so, the jaws are strong and will make connections convenient, thanks to exceptional conduction and tension benefits. To make things better, the clamps are coated with insulating rubber, which makes them exceptionally safe for various applications.

Furthermore, the cables will easily reach the opposite section of the vehicle, which is crucial during the set-up process. Being able to use the cable in cold weather should be an important priority. You will be pleased with these outstanding cables, which you can use in temperatures of between (-40℃/+40℉).

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The Good

  • 600A heavy duty jumper cables that have a thick inner core
  • Comes with four giant alligator clamps with robust teeth
  • The cable is long enough to provide access to various locations
  • Made using durable premium PVC

The Bad

  • Could use ergonomic clamps for ease of use 

AUTOGEN Jumper Cables Pro 2 Gauge x 20 Feet 800Amp Heavy Duty Booster Cables 

AUTOGEN Jumper Cables Pro 2 Gauge x 20...
  • [2 GAUGE JUMPER CABLES] - 2 Gauge 20 Ft booster battery jumper cables for jump...
  • [STRONG CLAMPS] - The clamps with strong jagged teeth and springs for excellent...

Make your driving experiences convenient when you have the AUTOGEN Jumper Cables. These cables are perfect for jump-starting dead or weak batteries, and it's to see why. The 20ft cables will let you boost your vehicle from different ranges.

Equipped with strong clamps that have jagged teeth and springs, you have cables that provide optimal grip. Plus, the easy connection design offers optimal conductivity and tension when in use. These cables are also made using a unique combination of materials, which are the copper clad aluminum and dense PVC. As such, you have cables that ensure optimal drop resistance and insulation.

Safety is key when investing in jumper cables, and this is clear in the way the AUTOGEN cables are highly insulated. As one of the best jumper cables on the market, you will be pleased to know these cables will perform optimally in cold weather. With such a unique combination of features, it's easy to see why these cables are suitable for emergency purposes. 

The AUTOGEN brand is also benevolent because they have included a convenient travel bag for portability. Whether it's a full-size car, truck, or motorcycle, these cables are outstanding!

The Good

  • 20 ft cable makes it easy to boost various types of vehicles
  • Clamps have strong and jagged teeth
  • Comes with a convenient travel bag

The Bad

  • N/A

CARTMAN Booster Cables 10 Gauge 12 Feet in carrying Bag, Jump Cables 

Jumper Cables Crescent Bear Heavy Duty...
  • HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION -Jumper Cables PVC insulation jump leads with...
  • VINYL COATING - Includes a strong spring and a comfortable handle for secure...

Realize what you have been missing when it comes to completing your driving experience when you finally get the CARTMAN Booster Cables. These jumper cables come with a special PVC insulation resistant to various issues such as heat, oil, and acid. Furthermore, the handles are well insulated, which is an important safety technique.

The CARTMAN Booster cables also come with robust and spring-loaded handles, which makes them easy to install. Such a unique design means these cables can fit both top and side post batteries. The durable cables will also stay durable against issues such as rust and corrosion. 

Thanks to the cables' extra-long design, you have highly efficient and flexible solutions for your needs. The long cables mean that you can jump the battery of any car with optimal convenience. Equipped with a zipped carry case, you have a simple and reliable way to store your cables.

Designed to be reliable for various applications, the CARTMAN cables are perfect for various applications. These include 6V, 12V, and 24V vehicles, whereby they are easy to set up each time. 

The Good

  • Made using high-quality PVC material that is resistant to elements
  • Comes with a strong spring and comfortable handle 
  • Made using low-temperature resistance materials

The Bad

  • The teeth on the clamps are not prickly enough

XINCOL Heavy-Duty 1-Gauge Ultra 2500A 100% Copper Wire Jumper Cable 

XINCOL Heavy Duty 1-Gauge Ultra 2500A...
  • On the basis of +15 years of Car Roadside Assistance, XINCOL brand founder Jack...
  • Including 1 AWG 100% Copper Wires, thicker Wires with Super Good Conductivity....

The XINCOL Heavy Duty 1 Gauge Ultra 2500A Copper Wire Jumper Cable is also an excellent solution for starting a dead battery. The XINCOL brand has an extensive history that dates as far back as 15 years. This particular cable brand features 100% copper wires, which are thick and provide excellent conductivity benefits. Designed to be durable against issues such as overheating, these cables are safe to use each time. 

You will also be pleased to see the TPR material on the exterior section of the cable. It provides low-temperature resistance (-60°C/-105°C), it's soft and flexible even when used in cold weather. Yes, considering the temperature resistance of your chosen cable is important, especially if the donor car has a hot engine. The cable will also provide excellent heat insulation, and it has a dual construction for longevity.

Designed to be versatile, these cables are perfect to use on various types of automobiles. You can use it on cars, vans, SUVs, trucks and more. Remember that choosing jumper cables of the right size is crucial for your ability to start your car. Thus, the makers of this unit have done well to ensure it's available in variable lengths of between (10ft-20ft). Plus, it's perfect to use in various types of weather conditions.

The Good

  • Made using 100% copper and thick wires
  • Dual construction and heavy-duty copper-coated jaws
  • Offers excellent heat insulation benefits

The Bad

  • Could use thicker insulation for longevity

How to Buy the Best Jumper Cables

What to Look for in Booster Cables

There are several aspects to consider when you want to buy the best jumper cables. The common ones include:

  • Price – the amount you have to spend will relate to what you will get in terms of quality. Cheap is not always convenient. Think of jumper cables as an investment that could save you from spending several hours out in the snow. You can still shop for jumper cables on a budget, but when you have the right information.
  • Length – the ideal cables should average at 12 feet in length, but some may be longer for large trucks. If you have long jumper cables, you will find it easy to connect it to cars that sit in different locations. It can be useful when you have to start your car in a remote location. 
  • Gauge – it's a numerical metric, which describes the thickness of the wire that sits in the inside section of the cable. Usually, it works well as an indicator of quality when it comes to buying jumper cables. The gauge level is indirectly proportional to the density of the wire. Thus, if you are going to be jumpstarting large cars, it would be good to go for wires with a lower gauge density. If you want to jump small cars, then anything between 6 to 8 gauge should suffice.
  • Density – getting thicker cables is good because they tend to be durable. Usually, they come with a specific label, to indicate the level of thickness of the given cable. 
  • Clamps – the ideal clamps should have teeth that provide the perfect grip on your battery. Remember to go for cables that you can install on the top and side sections of the battery. You also have to encase them in rubber for ease of use.
  • Insulation – go for robust insulation, such as the types made using PVC. Why? Well, because such cables are resistant to chemicals, heat, oil, and more. Plus, some insulation materials are not prone to issues such as tangling when in use. 

How Do Jumper Cables Work?

You can use the electrical charge power from a vehicle to start another car that won't start due to a flat or dead battery. The good thing is that you don't have to detach any of the batteries from their positions. It would be best if you had special cables referred to as jumper cables or boost leads. The role of these cables is to transfer charge from the battery through to the other vehicle.

Jumper cables are a pair of wires that you use to direct charge from a car with a good battery to one with a weak or dead battery. The clamps have a special mechanism referred to as clamps, which you use to hook on the battery's leads. The materials used to make clamps are either steel or copper. Most brands label the cables black or red, with an accompanying "+" and "- "sign to show the polarities. It's "CRUCIAL" that you connect the leads right to avoid damaging the electrical systems in both cars. 

The other good thing about these cables is that you can fold them compact, and perhaps store them in the trunk of your car. How convenient! Storing them this way means that you can easily reach out for the cables whenever your car breaks down.

How to Use Jumper Cables?

Knowing how to start your car when the battery is flat or dead, is an important skill – especially if you have to use it during winter. A jump lead might be a useful resource, but you also have to practice high levels of "CAUTION" to avoid damaging the electrical systems. The guide below should set you on the right path: 

  • Are vehicles suitable? Ensure that both cars are compatible with jumpstarting techniques, using jumper cables. Why? Because most cars today have unique electrical systems that you have to consider. That said, most petrol-powered cars are compatible with jumper cables. Also, avoid jump starting an electric or hybrid car using these techniques. 
  • Safety precautions - try to ensure that you confirm each pair of jumper cables is durable and free from breakage issues. Avoid using the cables of hot surfaces such as those close to the car engine's main compartment. Why? Some cables are made using frail PVCs or plastic, and you have to be safe.
  • Park the vehicles in the right manner. Ensure you park the vehicles the right way, to ensure optimal safety. On a busy roadway, you may have to find a way to pull over both cars to the side of the road. Thus, this may help ease any traffic issues or caution from other drivers.
  • Start by connecting one red clamp. Attach the positive clips of the jump start cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery. You will notice the terminal has an accompanying "+" sign, and it might be larger than the negative terminal. 
  • Connect the remaining red clamp. Then, attach the remaining red clamp of the jump start cable to the functional car.
  • Connect the black clamp. Then, connect one of the black clamps to the negative terminal of the running battery. 
  • Connect the remaining black clamp. You will then have to attach the remaining black clamp to the metal section of the engine, or any conductive component of the car with the dead battery. Ensure you don't place it close to the flat battery or hot parts of the engine.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Then, turn on the car with the functional battery, and let run for a few minutes.
  • Then, start the recipient car, and it should start efficiently at this point as its sharing the same power with the functional car. If it fails, check the functionality of each cable, and repeat this process.
  • If all else fails, then consult a local car repair shop. There might be some other aspect of a car that is damaged, such as the alternator, or the electrical power system. Using jumper cables is a simple process, but if it fails, then this might be indicative of a secondary problem in your car. 

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Best Jumper Cables: Final Thoughts

Owning the right resources is important in your ability to drive and enjoy spending time on the road. This guide on the best jumper cables is an excellent example because you never know when you need such accessories in your car. A dead battery is an inevitable complication in most cars today, even if it may occur once in a while. Be prepared for such a complication by making a good investment ahead of time. We have prepared this comprehensive guide to help keep your informed and safety precautions to help you do it right, each time!

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