best atv tires for trailing riding

Best ATV Tires for Trailing Riding

One aspect of your automobile that might require regular maintenance would be the tires. Why? Because, the grip is prone to wear and tear, and it's also the component that holds the whole weight of the automobile. A tire that may have been fully functional a few months ago would not necessarily be suitable for driving the next year. No one wants to spend time doing spin tails, which can lead to serious injury and more. 

Thus, getting the best ATV tires for trailing riding might be the solution for you at this point. The challenge of choosing the right tires is that you have to make a good decision before investing. We have this guide to help you choose the correct tires for your needs

Top 7 ATV Tires for Trail Riding 2021

ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25x11-10 

ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire...
  • 3/4 inch lug
  • Sized for use on most late-model

Trail riding is indeed one of the best ways to enjoy spending your leisure time. Enjoy trail riding when you have the ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV tire. It’s a robust tire that includes all the unique features you need to take trails like a pro!

For instance, the tires come with 3/1-inch lugs, that make up for excellent ways to traverse through different terrains. Even more, the dynamic design of the tires means that you can install them on any ATV vehicle. You will also be pleased with the durable rubber material construction of the ATV tires. These tires are exceptionally durable for longevity, and also offer excellent value. 

Thanks to the extended wear rubber compound, you are sure of highly durable tire for your needs. You will also be pleased with the revolutionary all-conditions tire. Why? It’s a six-ply mud tire that works well to traverse different types of terrains. Thanks to the unique centre tread, you have an excellent contact area that provides a smooth surface for movement.

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The Good

  • Comes with a ¾ inch lug for optimal tread quality
  • Suitable for use on different types of ATVs
  • Has an extended-wear rubber compound for longevity

The Bad

  • Slightly massive in size than most tires 

Also A Top Pick 

Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire - 25X10.00-12 

Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire -...
  • Tire only; rim sold separately; non-highway use only
  • The Kenda Bearclaw features angled knobs to do dig into the terrain for maximum...

Make your ATV rides unique when you have the Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV tire. Why? It’s a tire that combines various features to deliver the best performance on different terrains. The tire comes with angled knobs that are perfect for stability and traction even riding at top speeds. Plus, the 6-ply rated and the extra tough casing is resistant to issues such as punctures.

You will also be pleased with the unique centre lugs, that ensure optimal traction and control when riding through different terrains. The in-built guard also works well to protect your wheel from complications such as dents or sharp stones.

Functionality does not end there when you have these tires. Wait, there is more? You can bet your luck that there is more than meets the eye with this best ATV tires set. For instance, the long-range tread compound makes the tire perfect for longevity. While it’s a heavy set of tires, it's compact and won't add any unnecessary weight to your ATV.

The Good

  • Comes with angled knobs for optimal traction
  • Has a six-ply rated extra tough casing for durability
  • Center lugs are suitable for use in the mud
  • Equipped with an inbuilt rim guard that will protect your wheel

The Bad

  • The tread moves around when new 

Also Remember 

Duro DI-2037 Frontier - Front - 26x9Rx12 , Position: Front, Rim Size: 12 

Duro DI-2037 Frontier - Front - 26x9Rx12...
  • Designed for UTVs
  • Directional tread for lower rolling resistance

The DURO DI-2037 Frontier Tire is also another serious contender on this list. Why? Its because they are a set of heavy-duty tires that provide more than longevity benefits. The tires are durable and suitable for use on different types of ATVs. 

As you would expect with all high-end tires, the DURO DI-2037 ATV is perfect for use on different types of terrains. It’s a heavy-duty tire, which you can fit into your ATV with ease. Even more, the unique radial construction offers optimal steering and control benefits when riding.

Punctures are an inevitable issue when you have to go outdoors to ride an ATV. Thus, this is why these tires have a 6-ply rating to ensure optimal puncture resistance. Yes, that's right! With these tires, you are sure of riding hundreds of miles without running into issues such as punctures.

The Good

  • Suitable for use with ATVs
  • Comes with a directional tread for lower rolling resistance
  • Has a radial construction for optimal control
  • The 6 ply radial rating offer puncture resistance

The Bad

  • N/A

Kenda Bearclaw HTR 8 Ply 26-9R12 ATV Tire 

Equip your ATV with the Kenda Bearclaw HTR ATV tire, which provides various unique benefits for your riding experience. To be specific, this heavy-duty tire has a durable structure, which is ideal for meeting the demands of a modern-day ATV.

It has an all-new 8PR radial casing structure, which also does well to enhance the longevity of the tire. You will be pleased with the fact that this tire can provide high levels of puncture resistance and optimal handling. Yes, the tires ensure high traction on various types of terrain, and in relation to the patterns on the tread.

The tire even comes with tall knobs that can dig into the dirt and mud. The makes of the tire have done well to ensure the knobs are spaced apart, to help push dirt away and self-clean. Thanks to the low vibration construction, these tires ensure a smooth ride – which works well with the new centre knob design.

The Good

  • Comes with an all-new 8PR radial casing structure
  • Offers the best level of puncture resistance
  • High traction on various types of terrain

The Bad

  • Not suitable for small ATVs

Maxxis M966 MudZilla Utility ATV F/R Rowl Tire 28X10-12 

Maxxis M966 MudZilla Utility ATV F/R...
  • Massive tread bars give maximum traction in mud
  • Step-down tread pattern adds to the lug strength

Heavy-duty, reliable and unique. These are just some of the few good words we can use to describe the Maxxis M966 Tire. Similar to all high-end ATV tires on the market, this unit is perfect for use in your ATV. It has massive tread bars that offer optimal traction even when used in the mud. 

While this tire has a heavy-duty construction, it won't add any unnecessary weight to the structure of your car. It even has an appealing knob and finish design that will easily complement the aesthetics of your automobile. 

Plus, the unique step-down tread pattern offers added strength to the lug of the tire. You will even be pleased with the deep shoulder wrapping tread bars, that ensure extra traction even in ruts. The tires also have a special compound that ensures longevity.

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The Good

  • Comes with massive tread bars for optimal traction
  • Has a step-down tread pattern for added lug strength
  • The deep shoulder tread bars ensure extra traction
  • The special tire compound offer longevity

The Bad

  • Could use a better ply structure or rating

Maxxis Carnivore ML1 Front/Rear 28-10R14 8 Ply ATV Tire - TM00928100 

Maxxis Carnivore ML1 Front/Rear 28-10R14...
  • Light truck-inspired tire engineered to perform in extreme terrains.
  • 8-ply-rated radial construction

Robust, unique and easy to install. These are just some of the few benefits you can expect when you have the Maxxis Carnivore ML1 Tires. It’s the type of tire set that would be perfect for travelling on different terrains and more. 

The tire set has a light truck inspired design that will run well on various types of terrains. Furthermore, the 8-ply rated radial construction means that the set of tires ensure optimal longevity during travel. You will also be pleased with the specialized rubber compound design that offers supreme traction and control benefits.

Even more, the super tread wear on these pairs of tires makes them ideal for use on ATVs, quad bikes and more.

The Good

  • Has a light truck inspired design for extreme terrains
  • Comes with an 8-ply radial construction for longevity
  • The specialized rubber compound offer traction and control

The Bad

  • N/A

Kenda Scorpion K290 ATV Tire - 25X12-9 

Kenda Scorpion K290 ATV Tire - 25X12-9
  • Tire only; rim sold separately; non-highway use only
  • The Kenda Scorpion is ideal for riders seeking knobby performance at a low price

Riding becomes a breeze when you have the right resources. Thus, this is why the Kenda Scorpion K290 ATV Tire is an excellent addition to your ATV. The tire has an excellent weight rating, to make it ideal for hauling bulky items with your automobile. To be specific, these tires have an exceptional 430-pound load capacity, which is more than most traditional tires can accommodate. Furthermore, the two play rating makes it durable and suitable for use on harsh terrains.

When investing in ATV tires, its good to go for the brands that offer the ideal mix of versatility and longevity. As such, this is nothing short of what you can expect when you invest in the K290 set of tires for your automobile. These tires will provide the ideal combination of versatility to suit different terrains and applications.

The Good

  • Has an excellent two-ply rating 
  • Offers an exceptional 430-pound load capacity 
  • Offers high levels of puncture resistance

The Bad

  • Could use a better lug and tread structure

How to Buy the Best ATV Tires

ATV tires are products that classify as consumables, and they will require replacement at some point. You have many options when it comes to replacement. You also have to remember that brand companies can sometimes discontinue tires. Plus, you may also have to change the tread and style pattern of your tire to fit the terrain that you often ride through each time. Before you buy a new tire set, ensure you learn about different aspects such as tire construction, sizes, styles and more. With the right information, choosing the next tire for your ATV will become a breeze.

Tire Construction

For several years, bias-ply tires were the only options when it comes to ATV tires. Over the years, many brands have to come to the spotlight with most of them making radial ATV tires. All of these tires have specific benefits and disadvantages. Choosing the best down boils down to factors such as the terrain, the ATV type, personal preferences and more. To make things easy let us have a look at both types: 

Bias Ply

Previously, the ply rating of a tire indicated the specific number of plies that existed within its internal structure. Thanks to improvements in the materials used to manufacture tires, most brands don’t require lots of plies as in the past. As such, the ply rating is an important aspect of tire strength. Today, there are many issues in specifying the ply rating of tires. For instance, a six-ply tire might not necessarily be six plies, buy a rating lower than that. Plus, these types of tires get their name due to the unique way in which they are made.


The radial tires also have a unique design to make them suitable for different terrains. To be specific, the radial tires have plies that lay down perpendicular to the middle section of the tread and direction of travel. The plies on these types also run in a unique way, different from most tires. The beads sit parallel to each other, and on top of the face section of the tire. 

It's a unique design that mimics a "round" effect. Other tires feature some belts which are often made using steel. The role of this component is to help promote the longevity of the tire. A significant number of radial tires have compact sidewalls when compared to the most tires you might come across on the market. Other brands improve the quality of the tires with robust materials such as Kevlar.

Many riders prefer using radial ATV tires because they ensure a smooth ride. Plus, the tread is durable and is not prone to damage. The sidewalls can "spring", which is crucial in absorbing the weight from the car. Its also a unique structure, that helps the tire turn on corners. As such, the tread on the tire is exposed to the road as required, which in turn ensures optimal traction.

The Belted radial tire types are excellent because they can distribute the weight of the tire all across the tread. It's an excellent mechanism which helps reduce the heat produced and also improves the longevity of the tread on the tire. While the frail walls can deliver a smooth ride, their weak nature makes them prone to damage. Plus, these types cannot be aired down, as they require air to move. That said, bias ply tires can function at low pressure because they have thick sidewalls.

Round Vs. Flat

Many ATV rides are not aware of the importance of selecting the correct tire type. Why is it important to consider the type of tire? Well, it's because if you want the best performance results on trails, it's good for you to get the correct tire shape and design. The round tires are ideal on soft terrain without any rocks for the best performance. However. The flat tires are suitable for harsh terrains, where you might need optimal traction. You will notice that ATVs run well when they have rounded tires, while machines such as racing quads perform well with flat tires.

Tire Size

When investing in a specific ATV tire size, consider going for the stock types, particularly if your machine is not modified. Most brands settle for stoke tire sizes because they are often compatible with all aspects of the ATV. The type of tire is compatible with aspects such as torque, gearing, handling and horsepower. Any significant changes in the size of the tire can compromise these aspects, which could lead to poor performance on the road. More so, it could even lead to the failure of equipment due to the excessive weight produced.

If you prefer larger tires, most brands design cars to have sufficient clearance for tires that are slightly larger than the stock types. If it's big, you might have to customize the ATV to accommodate any extra adjustments to the car. On the other hand, practice caution when investing in a small tire. Why? Because a small tire will increase the RPM, which could cause the engine and transmission to overwork.

Key Features of Good ATV Tires

Quality of Traction

A good ATV tire should provide adequate traction, which you will notice in the quality of the tread. As such, the ideal tires should ensure you maintain your balance, regardless of the load, terrain or riding conditions. More so, the correct traction is crucial in performance, especially for those involved in ATV sports.

Tread Type

Your preferred tread style depends on various factors such as the terrain. Thus, most quality brands incorporate their tires with quality treads, which are crucial in the performance of your  ATV. For instance, riding your ATV in a trail with thick mud will require a tire with large knobs or lugs for optimal traction. However, riding on a smooth trail might require smooth or round tires.

Ply Rating

The number of plies on the car tire has a direct impact on its structure and performance. As such, a tire with several plies is resistant to damage complications such as punctures. Also, the two-ply tires are only suitable for lightweight vehicles such as lawn tractors. The tires that have six or eight plies are suitable for hauling large loads or travelling through harsh terrains.

Tread Style

The tread style depends on the area or terrain that you have to travel through with your ATV. The ideal tread offers an adequate balance between durability and performance – perfect for moving through harsh terrains. If you want to move through terrains such as the mud, you need a tread that can dig deep into the mud, and offers optimal traction.

Bias Design

When it comes to bias, the goal is to determine the ply of the tire, which indicates its strength and performance levels. The number of plies in the tire is directly dependent on its durability. Plus, ATV tires that are made using Bias play are often exceptionally durable. Why? Because the Bias-ply construction offers durability against issues such as punctures. Also, due to the durable construction, such tires provide better traction levels. That said, tires with bias construction are not as comfortable as the radials due to their stiff structures.

Other Considerations

Tire shape – the most common types of ATV tires are the round versions. They are suitable for wet or muddy surfaces, while also offering optimal handling benefits. The other types of tires are flat designs. The ideal tire should provide optimal traction over you're the terrain you will use it through each time. 

  • Tire size – the correct size of the tire is vital if you want to enjoy the best ATV performance. These include performance aspects such as handling, torque, horsepower and more. If the tire has a small diameter, then it can lead to problems in the engine, and lead to balance complications. 
  • Directionality – when it comes to directional ATV tires, you will note the tread faces a specific way, and you have to install them in the correct direction. As the tire rotates, they might scrape off dirt, water and mud as the tire rotates for improved control. The non-directional tires can be installed in any direction. These types provide optimal balance, longevity and comfort benefits.

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Best ATV Tires for Trail Riding: Final Thoughts

Being an automobile rider can be a great way to have some fun during a lazy weekend, or perhaps move around harsh terrains. To make the most of your experience when riding, it's good for you to invest in the right resources. As such, this guide has been about finding the best ATV tires for trailing riding. When you have the right tires, your performance and mobility on the terrain improve significantly. However, before buying ATV tires, it would be good if you would do more research to ensure the best results. These types of tires have different features and are available in many types you have to consider.

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