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Best Angle Grinders Reviews 2021

No set of tools is complete without a good angle grinder. Whether you are a fabricator, plumber, mason, electrician, or just a simple DIY enthusiast – you will benefit from the versatility and power that these tools have to offer.

Are you ready to learn more? Well, this informative angle grinder buying guide will help you choose and use the best angle grinder for your needs. Our favorite, by far, is the DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, Paddle Switch (DWE4120). That said, the rest of the tools on this list are also a worthwhile consideration for your needs, especially if you want to spend on a budget.

How to Use an Angle Grinder

Preparing Your Work Space and Staying Space

A tool with a wheel rotating at intense speeds, it's vital that you learn how to use an angle grinder safely. Unlike a drill that can turn at 700 – 1200 times per minute, an angle grinder has a free speed that averages at 12,000 RPM. Thus, you have to practice safety at all times when using the tools. The common precautions include: 

  • Unplug the grinder when you want to change the disc or wheel
  • Ensure you attach the handles firmly to the grinder
  • Maintain a firm grip on the grinder at all times
  • If the grind comes with a guard – use it
  • When you get a new disc, run it in the grinder for a few seconds, to ensure all components are fully functional
  • Ensure that debris falls down and out the path of the grinder
  • Ensure the blade spins away from at all times
  • Keep track of issues such as sparks that might catch on combustible materials in your space

Remember, an angle grinder is a powerful tool that can release lots of sparks and dust. Thus, you need to prepare accordingly before you start using the tool. Ensure that your workspace is clean and that there is nothing that will catch fire as you use the tool.

Even more, dust might also collect around your workspace, thus ensuring that you remove all items that you don’t need in your workspace. When using angle grinders, ensure that you use sturdy gloves, protective boots, dust masks, goggles, and more. Cutting masonry materials will produce a large amount of dust, and using a dust mask is crucial when working with angle grinders.

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Using an Angle Grinder

We developed this comprehensive how-to guide to help you use angle grinders safely. With these basic step by step guides, you will be able to use your angle grinder in many ways.

How to Cut Stone and Concrete Using An Angle Grinder

Tile cutters are ideal for making cuts across the surface of stone tiles or ceramic material. That said, you might find it difficult to produce accurate cuts that can you can install around obstacles such as power outlets. With an angle grinder, you can make quick work of such fiddly tasks. Here are the steps involved:

1. Marking up & clampdown

Using a pen, mark an outline for the cut on both the front and rear sections of the tile. Ensure that you are accurate with cuts because your accuracy determines the quality of the finish. Also, clamp the tile to a workbench, and ensure the front section faces up. Ensure the cutter sits stable, to avoid any injury which can occur if the tool slips when cutting. 

2. Score the Face

Turn on the machine, and score on the outline of the front section of the tile. Consider scoring around a 1/8 th of the surface

3. Complete the Cut

 Turn the tile over, and then place it on the clamp again. Ensure the back of the tile faces up, and cut through the tile from the back section. You can extend the cuts past the corners, to help produce excellent cut quality results.

4. How to Cut Metal Rods, Bolts and Bars

When you either want to cut material arduously with a hacksaw, or perhaps cut rough metal with an angle grinder, you have to use the correct technique. Simply put, you can't beat the results an angle grinder can provide for your projects. The steps involved in cutting metals rods or bars include:

5. Prop the bar

Move to step two, if you want to trim a bolt flush in durable materials such as concrete or metal. Ensure that you place the prop firmly on the long section of the bar, and ensure it locks to the structure. The shortest section of the bar should be the part that drops away. 

6. Producing the Cut

Turn on the angle grinder, and allow the disc to attain the proper speed. Then, drop the wheel through the metal and let the weight of the tool cut through the material. Only let the shot end to drop away from the metal rod.

How to Restore Cutting Edges and Sharpen Blades

An angle grinder can work perfectly for restoring various types of rough edges on your household tools with ease. These include tools such as shovels, hoes, axes, lawn mower blades, and more. You can always improve the finish by using a mill file once the process is complete. The steps involved include:

1.Clamp the Blade

The first step is to clamp down the given tool or blade by using a vice or a C-clamp to the workbench. Ensure that the grinder disc spins away from the user, to help safeguard you from any flying sparks. An arrow on the body of the grinder should show the direction in which the blade will spin. 

2. Align the Disc

You will have to align the angle grinders disc with the cutting edge of the blade that you are using. Start using the grind, and allow the disc to rotate at full speed. Also, ensure the disc moves steadily across the blade and apply a little amount of pressure. Move the grinder from the end of the handle, and up to the tip of the tool. Then, ensure you keep the grind in a stable position and move it up to the tip of the tool. 

Features of the Best Angle Grinders

  • Motor – a good motor should provide enough power to cut through materials, and without you having to make many blade changes.
  • Spindle lock - the spindle lock helps to ensure the spindle sits safely on the grinder, for your convenience and safety
  • Handle design – you want a handle which is both comfortable and easy to use in almost any angle
  • Safety features – check for safety features such as motor guards, overload protection, blade guards and more
  • Ease of use – the grinder should be easy to use and with well positioned controls for your convenience

Top 6 Angle Grinder To Buy In 2021

CRAFTSMAN Small Angle Grinder Tool...
  • 41/2 in. Grinder powered by 6 amp motor producing 12, 000 RPMs
  • Tool-free guard makes for quick and easy adjustments

Make quick work of most cutting tools when you use the CRAFTSMAN Small Angle Grinder Tool. Powered by an exceptional 6-amp motor, this best angle grinder can produce as much as 12,000 RPMs to make it ideal for your needs. Even more, the unique tool-free guard makes for quick and easy adjustments to your cutting projects.

The inclusion of a spindle lock lets you perform quick and easy wheel changes to the grinder tool. It even has a 3-position handle, which provides optimal control in different applications. With a contoured and over-molded handle, you can be sure of optimal comfort when using the CMEG100 angle grinder.

The makers of angle grinder unit have even included a convenient wall organization system, which you can use to store additional components.

The Good

  • The tool-free guard makes for quick and easy adjustments
  • Spindle lock for convenient wheel changes
  • Contoured over-molded handle for optimal comfort
  • Three-position handle offers control in various applications

The Bad

  • The handle is not durable enough
  • The spindle lock is not convenient

Editor’s Choice

DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch,...
  • 9 Amp AC/DC, 12,000 rpm motor designed for faster material removal and higher...
  • One-Touch Guard allows for 360 degree rotation of the guard

Make your projects much more comfortable when you have the DEWALT Angle Grinders Tool. The DWE4120 makes it easy to perform fast material removal and high overload protection benefits. More so, the high-efficiency motor offers low operating temperatures, thus protecting the grinder tool from damage. It even comes with a one-touch guard, which makes it easy to perform a 360-degree rotation of the guard with a single action.

On top of that, this unit has a slim ergonomic body design that offers optimal comfort even in extended use applications. Components such as the low profile and ham pot gear case increase durability, while allowing the tool to fit in tight areas. You will also appreciate the 9 AMP DC 12,000 RPM motor, which makes it easy to perform fast material removal. 

The DEWALT brand has also included a quick-change wheel release, which makes it easy to change the wheel without using a wrench. Furthermore, the two-position removable side handle provides optimal comfort and control when working on grinding projects. As one of the most dynamic power tools on the market, you can use this grinder for various applications. These include cleaning up welds, surface preparation, metal fabrication projects, and more.

The Good

  • 9-amp AC DC 12,000 rpm motor for fast material removal
  • One-touch guard allows for 360-degree rotation of the guard
  • Quick change release for tool-free wheel removal
  • Two positions removable side handle is convenient

The Bad

  • The one-touch guard should cover the entire blade
  • Could be available with an improved handle structure

Other Top Considerations

Bosch 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder 1375A
  • Compact: Weighing only 3.75 pounds, the Bosch 1375A Angle Grinder is...
  • Power: The angle grinder features a Powerful 6.0 amp motor to produce 11,000 no...

Compact, power, comfort, and convenience. These are some of the main words you can use to describe the Bosch 4-1/2-inch angle grinding. Weighing in at only 3.7 pounds, this unit is perfect for various types of cutting and material shaping projects. Perhaps the most significant component of this unit would be the powerful 6.0 am motor, which can deliver 11,000 rpm of power. While this motor has a small field diameter, it lets the user grind and cut materials with ease.

The 1375A also comes with a 2-position side auxiliary handle, which is designed to angle to a natural position. This way, the tool provides optimal user comfort, while the top handle of the grinder also has an ergonomic design. The ergonomic design of the machine makes it comfortable in the hands while also improving usability. For durability, this unit features an epoxy coated design, to keep the exterior safe from debris. The inclusion of a sealed switch ensures dust and debris never penetrate the switch mechanism area. 

On top of that, the 1375A has a unique Service Reminder Brush System, that eliminates the guesswork and stops when preventive tool maintenance is required. Equipped with a 5/8 inch spindle, this unit is compatible with various sizes, and it's easy to mount popular accessories.

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The Good

  • Weighs only 3.75 pounds and suitable for any application
  • 6-amp motor produces 11,000 no-load rpm
  • Has a service reminder system for convenience
  • Epoxy coated design helps protect the tool

The Bad

  • The epoxy finish is not durable enough
  • The motor heats up significantly

Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Fuel 4-1/2"/5"...
  • POWERSTATE Brushless Motor: Delivers maximum power and up to 10X longer motor...
  • REDLINK PLUS Intelligence provides optimized performance, electronic clutch, and...

Our list of the best angle grinders would not have been complete without the Milwaukee 2780-10 M18 grinder. It’s a powerful brushless motor that can provide more power and up to 10 times more life than the conventional angle grinder. More so, it also comes with an exclusive REDLINK PLUS, intelligence function that ensures optimized performance each time. As one of the best angle grinders on the market, this Milwaukee tool provides sustained power, such that you can work on the toughest grinding applications. 

Additionally, the 18-volt lithium-ion grinder has a thin design that offers optimized balance, such that you can comfortably rest your hands. The tool is built with the same tool body and gearing system that you can expect on high-end angle grinders on the market. 

For improved performance, the makers of this unit have also included anti-vibration features, to ensure the tool sits stably in your hands. It’s the same metal housing and gearing system that you can expect with high-performance grinders. On top of that, this unit is 100% tool-free, thus making it easy to make accessories and guard adjustments without using a wrench. The unique paddle design offers optimal comfort and ease of use when working on your grinding projects.

The Good

  • Power state brushless motor is powerful
  • Comes with REDLINK PLUS intelligence for optimized performance
  • Metal housing and durable gearing system
  • Paddle switch for optimal comfort and ease of use

The Bad

  • N/A

Avid Power Angle Grinder 7.5-Amp 4-1/2...
  • POWERFUL ANGLE GRINDER: Equipped with 7.5 Amps motor with 900W max output power,...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Slim, lightweight and compact body design can provide better...

The Avid Power Angle Grinder comes with a powerful 7.5-amp motor, with an exceptional 900w output power level. Even more, the no-load speed of this unit averages at 11,000 RPM, to suit the most demanding of applications. To make things better, the Avid Power brand has done well to include ergonomic components, thus ensuring this tool sits comfortably in your hands. 

More so, the Avid Power Angle Grinder is slim, lightweight, and easy to use. Thus, it makes up for an exceptional power tool that reduces fatigue, even when working on professional cutting projects. For convenient operation, the tool features an integrated spindle lock on the disc grinder. Thus, you can enjoy quicker and easier wheel replacement procedures each time.

There is nothing better than when you have a high performance tool, that has a solid feel in your hands. Even when it falls from your hands, it never fails to start again, and it offers exceptional impact resistance. With the Avid Power Angle Grinder, you can expect this, and so much more. With a 2-position auxiliary handle, the Avid Power Angle Grinder offers greater control, comfort, and versatility in all applications. The durable design also ensures optimal longevity, while a protective cover on the grinder helps to stop any sparks. It's no wonder it made our list of best angle grinders.

The Good

  • Comes with powerful 7.5 amps motor
  • Ergonomic design and integrated spindle lock
  • Two-position auxiliary handle position
  • Comes with several accessories for ease of use

The Bad

  • The motor produces a significant amount of noise
  • The controls should be well-positioned

PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool,...
  • 7.0-Amp motor powers through jobsite tasks with ease
  • 11,000 RPM for high speed material removal

Designed for robust performance, the PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool is compact and durable for handling tough jobs. It even features a metal gear housing that helps to dissipate heat and ensuring this tool can withstand the toughest of jobs.

Furthermore, the three-position handle offers optimal comfort and control when working in your angle grinding projects. Even more, the maker of this unit seems to have noticed that most job sites require tools that offer optimal safety. Thus, this angle grinder features grinding and cutting guard to ensure your hands stay safe at all times. You can even adjust to the two-guard using your hands, to control the spark path, and to provide improved tool productivity when working

Weighing in at just 4.1 pounds, this grinder comes with a powerful 7-amp motor that can produce 11,000 RPM of power. More so, the three-position handle offers ease of use, and unique positioning to suit various tool applications. The PC60TPAG also offers optimal comfort, and the convenient paddle switch ensures the best tool control results.

It’s a tool that is available with various additional accessories, including a cut off wheel, grinding wheel, side handle, and a wrench.

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The Good

  • 7-amp motor powers through most tasks with ease
  • 11,000 RPM motor for high-speed material removal
  • Cast metal gear case is durable
  • Three-position handles for enhanced tool control

The Bad

  • Motor heats up in operation
  • The metal gear case also warms up


As a tool worker or user, owning the best angle grinder tools can make your work more comfortable, and you are also safe from the hassle of using an inefficient resource. With the best angle grinder, you can make precise cuts and repair the surfaces of various items in your DIY setup. When choosing an angle grinder, ensure that you determine your needs, the features of the angle grinder, and whether it can suit your needs.

We have compiled this angle grinders list to help you make an informed choice for your professional or DIY projects. Get one of these tools and take your tool work results to the next level.

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