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Best Electric Chainsaw Reviews 2021

If you're looking to buy a chainsaw, you might have noticed that the electric models have taken the market by storm lately. Or if you want to switch from a gas-powered to electric, you are probably skeptical of their performance and efficiency. That is why we have created this list of the best electric chainsaws available on the market right now.

Finding the best electric chainsaw for your needs might sound a bit difficult, but it shouldn’t be. To help you choose from the oversaturated market, we have chosen what we think are the best electric chainsaws you can get your hands on. In case you are new to all this, you can find an extensive buyer's guide later in this article, which will help you even further.

Below you will come across our top pick for these power tools.

Top 4 Electric Chainsaw To Buy In 2021

Our Top Pick

Oregon Cordless 16-inch Self-Sharpening...

Oregon CS300

  • Self-sharpening system
  • Great battery life
  • Commendable safety features
Best for Beginners

Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw with...


  • Auto-oiling system
  • Comfortable design
  • Great for smaller jobs
Most affordable

No products found.

Remington RM1425

  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Amazing performance

No products found.

Oregon CS1500

Oregon CS1500 18 in. 15 Amp...
  • Includes 18” guide bar and PowerSharp chain, which minimizes downtime by...
  • Get to work right away with the instant start capability

The CS1500 from Oregon is a corded type of electric chainsaw that comes with a wide variety of unique chainsaw design features. Out of all these features, the chain-sharpening system is probably the most notable one. This unique system makes a noteworthy difference between other products and this electric chainsaw.

The sharpening system that this chainsaw features is called PowerSharp, and its main task is to reduce the overall downtime. In the event of the chain getting dull in the middle of work, all the user has to do is pull on the red PowerSharp lever. After about 3-5 seconds, the user can let go of the lever and enjoy the chain that cuts like its brand new.

Given that this is an electric chainsaw, the starting process is almost instant as soon as you pull the trigger. This model is equipped with a powerful 120V, 15-amp motor that can drive the chain at a no-load speed of 2,888FPM (feet per minute). Also, the chain guide over which the chain is driven is 18 inches long, which is long enough for the majority of cutting tasks.

The straightforward use of the CS1500 model is complemented by the tensioning system that doesn’t require any tools for you to work with it. Other than that, the SC1500 is made with an ergonomic design in mind, making it pretty lightweight and comfortable. This ergonomic design reduces the possibility of fatigue occurring in case of usage over prolonged periods.

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The Good

  • Self-sharpening reduces downtime
  • Auto-oiler
  • Ergonomic design

The Bad

  • Not the best motor location

Black+Decker LCS1240

BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw,...
  • 40 Volts MAX Lithium Ion Battery for longer runtime and overall life
  • 12" premium bar and chain. Automatic oiling system

The LCS1240 is an entry-level cordless chainsaw brought to us by Black+Decker, and it's quite suitable for new users. It's powered by a 40V lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable and rated at 2.0 amp-hours. Even though this model is battery-powered, it can easily handle any light-duty domestic wood cutting tasks.

This model is equipped with a highly efficient and very powerful brushless motor that is quite potent and doesn't produce a lot of noise. With this motor, the LCS1240 can develop the chain speed of 7.62m/s over a sturdy 12-inch guide bar made by Oregon. This combination allows this model to handle a wide variety of tasks such as shrub and hedge trimming, pruning branches, delimbing, and occasional light woodworking.

When it comes to battery life, this tool can offer just short of an hour of continuous work, which is not that bad. However, to fully charge the battery, you will have to keep it on the charger for about 4-5 hours. So, depending on what you plan on doing, you might want to get an extra battery to boost your productivity.

The overall handling is not as great as it could be because the LCS1240 is a bit on the heavier side coming it at 10lbs. But the throttle and handle are ergonomically designed, which makes it comfortable to use, and you will quickly forget about the weight. The only downside is the oil tank size because the automatic oiler goes through the oil pretty quickly, so you’ll have to refill it quite often.

The Good

  • Tool-free tensioning
  • Automatic oiler
  • Comfortable handle

The Bad

  • Tank size

Oregon CS300

Oregon Cordless 16-inch Self-Sharpening...
  • -Brushless motor provides increased efficiency and power output
  • -PowerSharp chain minimizes downtime by allowing you to sharpen your saw right...

Oregon is a brand with an excellent reputation when it comes to electric chainsaws, even though its reputation was primarily built on the gas-powered models. We have in front of us the CS300 model as a testament to the dedication, performance, and quality they implemented in their products. This model is a light to medium-duty chainsaw that is mainly designed for more significant work projects.

The CS300 is powered by a 40V Max lithium-ion rechargeable battery made by Oregon themselves. This B600E battery is rated at 4.0 amp-hours, and it's capable of running for close to four hours or about 400 cuts. To fully recharge the battery, it will take you about two hours, so you might want to get another one if you plan on taking bigger jobs.

When this model is fully assembled, it might be a bit heavier with its 12 pounds, but don't let this turn you away from it. It's equipped with a 16-inch long guide bar offering you lots of cutting room and making it suitable for cutting larger diameter logs. Also, one more significant feature of the CS300 is the tool-free tensioning system that further reduces downtime.

Maintaining the CS300 is designed to be quite simple as you only need to keep the battery charged and chain sharp and adequately lubricated. Speaking of sharp chains, as all newer Oregon models, this one also features their patented unique sharpening system. To sharpen your chain, you just need to pull on the red PowerSharp lever for about 3-5 seconds, and you're ready to go.

The Good

  • PowerSharp chain sharpening system
  • About 400 cuts with a single charge
  • Decent safety features

The Bad

  • Might be a bit heavy

DeWalt DCCS620

DEWALT DCCS620B 20V Max Compact Cordless...
  • Low kick back 12" Oregon bar and chain: for construction and outdoor cutting...
  • High efficiency brushless motor: maximizes run time and motor life and chain...

If anyone comes to mind when talking about the best cordless performance, it's probably this yellow brand. Many of you already know what manufacturer we're talking about, but for those that don't, it's DeWalt. They are one of the best-known brands for quite some time now, and they have created numerous tools that define quality and durability.

DeWalt’s products are some of the most sought after and probably among the best cordless tools available on the market right now. A great example of the sheer performance and quality that you could expect from their products is the DCCS620. This model is a light-duty, compact chainsaw designed mainly for small and relatively quick jobs.

The DCCS620 is equipped with a 20V Max lithium-ion rechargeable battery designed and made by DeWalt themselves. The fantastic thing about these batteries is that they are compatible with any other cordless tool that they manufacture. Another significant aspect is that the amp-hour rating doesn't matter when you're swapping out the batteries with those from other devices.

This model comes with a 5.0 amp-hour battery, which is expected to serve you for the better part of the day. But, as we said earlier, the cells are swappable between all DeWalt's cordless models. Meaning, you are free to use a 1.5AH battery or a 9.0AH one; the only thing that matters is that they are 20V max batteries.

When it comes to weight, this model is lightweight and comes in at only 8.8lbs, and it's equipped with a 12-inch long guide bar. Other than that, it features an automatic oiling system, just make sure to refill the tank regularly since it goes through the oil fairly quickly.

The Good

  • Auto-oiling system
  • Lightweight
  • Swappable batteries

The Bad

  • No case included

No products found.

The WORX brand started as an "as seen on TV" manufacturer, but it quickly became a well-known household name. They have proven that they are capable of producing high-quality products at a fairly reasonable price. Their corded WG303.1 model is a perfect example of what kind of performance and quality you can expect from this manufacturer.

This model is an excellent medium-duty chainsaw that is capable of quickly cutting through trees that are 8 inches and 10 inches wide. Even though the WG303.1 cuts through larger trees, this model is not nearly as heavy as some of the cordless models. It weighs only 11 pounds, and it's effortless to use and also pretty well-balanced even though it features a 16-inch long guide bar.

Since this is a corded model, it receives 110V of power directly from a power source into the 14.5-amp motor that runs the chain. The motor, however, is quite powerful, so it doesn't grind to a halt that quickly, and it doesn't lose its power as the day goes by. Another great thing is that you don't have to concern yourself with battery life and other battery-related stuff.

WORX is well-known for innovative thinking, and they have proved that with all the extra features that they implemented in the WG303.1. One of those great features is an automatic tensioning system for the chain, which ensures your chain is tightened just right for hundreds of future uses.

The Good

  • Automatic oiling
  • Auto-tensioning system
  • Great safety features

The Bad

  • Replacement parts are a bit hard to come by

Makita UC4051A

Makita Chain Saw, Electric, 16 in. Bar
  • "Tool-less" blade and chain adjustments for convenient operation and easy...
  • Rubberized grip handles are ergonomically designed for comfort

Makita is well-known for the rigorous testing that each of their products goes through before getting off the production line. This ensures that the product you end up buying will feature excellent build quality and fantastic performance. As additional confidence in the performance of these tools, Makita offers its customers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The UC4051A model from Makita comes with features that are incredibly user-friendly and provide an excellent user experience. Its design is engineered in such a way to be able to carry out fast cuts and save your energy as well as time. On top of all this, the maintenance of this electric chainsaw is designed to be as inexpensive as possible.

Some of the fantastic features that this model has include tool-free chain and blade adjustments, making it very easy to use. Also, there is a rare but much appreciated soft-start feature that prevents the chainsaw from starting too abruptly, thus keeping you safe. The safety aspects of the UC4501A are unmatched, and one of the safety measures is a current limiter, which keeps the saw from overloading.

This corded model is powered by a very competent 14.5-amp motor that runs the chain over a 16-inch long guide bar. Thanks to this motor, the UC4501A can develop a no-load chain speed of up to 2,900 feet per minute. Other than a powerful motor, this model is ergonomically designed to keep your cutting as smooth as possible over prolonged periods.

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The Good

  • Comfortable, rubberized grip
  • Toll-less tensioning
  • Auto-oiling system

The Bad

  • Some users have reported oil leaks

Remington RM1425

No products found.

The RM1425 from Remington is probably our best budget pick on this list. Since it's a corded model, the price tag is reduced quite a lot because you don’t have to buy any batteries or a charger. The cord also makes it more dependable since you don’t have to bother with battery life and the tool grinding to a halt mid-work.

This model is a light-duty saw designed to handle all kinds of household woodworking tasks and occasionally some more substantial projects. It's lightweight, and with its weight of only 6.25 pounds, it falls into a category of the lightest chainsaw models available right now. The RM1425 is so lightweight that you can efficiently work throughout the whole day without feeling tired.

Powered by an 8-amp motor, this model will leave you wishing for a bit more power, but it's powerful enough for essential jobs around the yard. Also, the lower price tag can be explained by the lack of an automatic oiling system, meaning you will have to oil the chain manually. This process is not as scary as it sounds; you just need to remember ever so often to press the oiling button.

Using the oiling button is quite easy, but you must not forget to use it because the friction between the chain and the bar can cause damage. It’s better to have your 16-inch long bar running with a little too much oil than the other way around.

The Good

  • Dependable performance
  • Super affordable
  • Lightweight

The Bad

  • Lack of automatic oiling system

Black+Decker 1518

BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw, 18-Inch,...
  • Powerful 15 Amp motor
  • 18" Oregon low-kickback bar and chain

Black+Decker is a great option when you're looking to buy something and get the maximum value for the money that you spent. They manufacture some of the best affordable power tools that you can find on the market right now. However, this model is one of those affordable, high-quality products, and we are truly surprised by its performance.

The 1518 corded model is quite potent, and it can easily go toe to toe with any other product on our list. It’s powered by a competent 15-amp motor that runs the chain over a sturdy 18-inch long guide bar made by Oregon. All this high performance makes it suitable for cutting some larger diameter trees without too many difficulties.

The great features this model is equipped with include an auto-oiling system for the chain as well as a tool-less chain tensioning system. Also, the 1518 model offers safety measures, which include a chain brake to reduce the possibility of injury in case of a kickback. Even though it’s just slightly on the heavier side, it’s not that bad, weighing in at about 12 pounds.

Since this is a corded tool, it will start as soon as you pull the trigger with very low latency. Also, as another safety precaution, the chain will stop moving immediately as you let go of the trigger.

The Good

  • Tool-free tensioning
  • Automatic oiler
  • Chain brake

The Bad

  • Cord cage is not included


Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw with...
  • [FAST, CLEAN CUTS] This cordless 20V PowerShare chain saw is as fast and...
  • [AUTO-CHAIN TENSION] The automatic, tool-free chain tension system ensures...

The WG322 from Worx is another excellent small electric chainsaw that is available on the market today. Equipped with a 10-inch long guide bar, this model is perfect for yard maintenance, household use, and the majority of other small tasks. Because it's a smaller tool, it's more suitable for beginners than for experienced users and bigger jobs.

This model features an automatic lubrication system, which is quite easy to use and keep track of. The oil tank is filled from the top, making it easy to keep the saw balanced during the refilling. However, the WG322 doesn't come with the oil prefilled, so you will have to buy it separately before the very first use.

WORX has done a fantastic job designing this chainsaw to be ergonomic and pretty comfortable to use even if you haven’t used a saw before. The handles are made to be comfortable and durable, with special grips that absorb vibration and prevent any other stress that can harm your hands. Many different models offer a firm grip, and most of them are easy to wield around, but few of them are genuinely comfortable during operation.

Powered by a 20V battery, it can develop a chain speed of 12.5fps (feet per second), which is enough for the small jobs it's meant for. It's possible to buy this model with or without the battery and the charger, which is great if you already possess another WORX battery at home.

The Good

  • Self-lubricating system
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Good for beginners

The Bad

  • No kickback brake

Echo 16 Inch

ECHO 16 In Cordless Chainsaw w/Batt
  • Brushless motor for superior power, run time and durability
  • 16 in. bar and chain for larger, more aggressive cutting

When you compare this model with some of the other similar cordless, battery-powered models, you will see that it performs much better. Some of the fields that the Echo 16-inch thrives in are cutting power and battery life as well. This is a highly-efficient chainsaw, designed to be able to cut through more trees on a single battery charge than most other high-powered models.

The Echo 16-inch is made to be quite ergonomic and comfortable to use over prolonged periods. Compared to its battery-powered competitors, it's a bit heavier since it weighs over 19.5 pounds, but it’s quite easy to maneuver despite the weight. The additional weight doesn’t seem to make any crucial difference when it comes to wear and tear caused by the user.

Included with the unit is a 58V lithium-ion rechargeable battery rated to 4.0 amp-hours and a 58V lithium-ion charger as well. The battery powers a brushless motor that, in turn, runs the chain over a 16-inch long guide bar. Brushless motors are great for prolonging the tool's life span because they don't wear down or lose efficiency over time.

Part of the tremendous overall build is a well-designed trigger; a poorly designed trigger can cause your hand and forearm muscles to get tense and cramp. Hand cramps and sore arms drastically affect the amount of time you can spend working with your tool.

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Buyer’s Guide

As we said at the beginning, buying an electric chainsaw might sound complicated, but it doesn't have to be that way. There are a lot of models available to choose from, and this could seem overwhelming to some customers. But to overcome this, you just need to know what to look for when purchasing a chainsaw.

Now that you have our list of what we found to be the best electric chainsaws available right now, you're ready to buy one for yourself. But we feel that we need to mention that the best models today might not be the best in the future. That is why you should know some basics about these power tools before buying.

So, to help you on your quest of finding the perfect tool for you, we have compiled this comprehensive buyer's guide. In this guide, you will find some fundamental information as well as some of the different tasks an electric chainsaw can be used for.

Types of electric chainsaws – As you can guess by the name, electric chainsaws run on electric motors that are powered by electricity. These tools are not quite as popular as the gas-powered ones, but they are indeed becoming favorite among homeowners. There are two main types of electric saws: corded and cordless or battery-powered.

Corded – This type is generally more reliable than the cordless model, and it offers a continuous usage as long as you have a power source. If you need a chainsaw for medium or heavy-duty use, then you should probably buy a corded type. The only downside is the length of the cord, as it limits how far away from a power source you can work.

Cordless – This type comes with an inbuilt battery that powers the motor, and it's perfect for remote use. The main advantage of this type is that the power source is no issue. The downside is that they're less powerful than the corded ones and don't offer the much-appreciated continuous use.

Other essential features – Electric chainsaws come with a wide variety of features and specifications that not everybody understands. So, if you don't know what key attributes to take into consideration, we will present to you some of the essential ones.

1. Handling and ergonomics – One of the first things to look for when buying a chainsaw is how it will handle. It truly matters how you handle the tool, but also how it's designed.

  • Weight – The weight should always be proportional to your power and physique. If you're strong enough, then the weight shouldn't bother you as much. However, if you're looking for something easy to use, then you should probably get a lightweight model.
  • Anti-vibration – if you're not new to using a chainsaw, you know how intense the vibrations can be while working. These vibrations can be dangerous, and with prolonged use, they can often cause a syndrome called hand-arm vibration. So, when looking for a chainsaw, be sure to get the one that features an anti-vibration system; this system is the incorporation of rubber bushes, springs, and a sturdy construction put together to absorb the majority of vibrations.
  • Handling – Always make sure the rear and top handles are ergonomic and that they offer a comfortable and tight grip. Also, the padding should have the ability to absorb some of the vibrations.

2. Performance – This is probably the most important thing to consider when purchasing a chainsaw. Whether you're getting an electric or a gas-powered saw, you need to look for three significant features: power, chain speed, and bar guide.

  • Power – When talking about the power, it's generally referred to as the output of the electric motor, and it's the most crucial aspect. The majority of cordless types are rated in amp-hour, and how long the saw will run for is determined by the number of amps it spends. Corded models, however, use a different rating terminology and are rated in voltage, and as the voltage gets higher, the performance gets proportionally better.
  • Chain – You can choose from three main types of chains: kickback, chisel, and semi-chisel.
        Kickback type is safe when a kickback occurs, but they are not quite efficient.
        Chisel-shaped chains, on the other hand, are very efficient but not exceptionally safe.
        The third and probably the best type are the semi-chisel chains, and they are a blend of the previous two. They are kickback safe, and they don't compromise the output.
        Another thing you should consider is the chain speed, the higher the rate, the easier and faster the cut.
  • Bar – In case you don’t know, the bar is that long piece on the front of the saw that houses and guides the chain. When choosing a perfect chainsaw, you need to make sure to get a saw with a robust and sturdy bar. Other than the strength of the bar, you should also consider the length of the bar.
    Bar lengths of the electric saws range from 6 inches to 18 inches. You need to choose a length depending on the type of work you plan on doing. Longer bars are better for bigger logs, while short bars are perfect for small firewood and other light housework.

3. Safety – These tools are excellent for simplifying huge cutting tasks, but they can prove to be very dangerous in some cases. There are many chainsaw related accidents happening every year, but there are several safety features that can keep you on the safe side.

  • Chain brake – This safety feature was introduced a long time ago, and it makes sure that when you stop the chainsaw, the chain immediately stops with it. It's located on the top handle, and it can be engaged manually by pushing the handle or automatically in case of a kickback.
  • Chain catcher – This is a sturdy plastic or metal guard on top of the saw, and it prevents the chain from injuring the user's hands in case of breakage. It works by arresting the chain immediately after it breaks,  keeping your hands safe.
  • Safety throttle – In case you don't switch off the saw, there is a slight chance of accidental pull of the throttle. This feature locks the chain and reduces the risk of accidents from unplanned chain acceleration.
  • Kickback brake – As the name suggests, this safety measure stops the tool as soon as the kickback occurs.
  • Current limiter – The most expensive part of the chainsaw is the motor, and it's bound to overheat at some point. Electric motors can burn out when they overheat, so some models have a current limiter to shut the motor off, preventing the burnout.

4. Maintenance – If you maintain your chainsaw in perfect condition, then it will last longer and therefore serve you longer. So, naturally, there are features some models come with that make this process quick and easy.

  • Automatic chain oiler – No matter what chainsaw you choose to buy, every single one requires regular chain lubrication. Different cutting conditions require different lubrication levels. Though many models have lubrication trigger to release the oil, you should get one that features an automatic oiling system; the automated oiling system improves productivity and offers better usability.
  • Tool-free chain adjustment – As the saw is being used, the tension of the chain will have to be slightly adjusted. If you want to have the best experience, you should buy the saw that doesn't require any tools to improve the chain tension.
  • Oil tank size – The tank that holds the chain lubricator should be able to contain a sizeable amount. If you buy a model with a large enough tank, you will be able to work long periods without any interruptions.
  • Transparent oil level – The chain lubrication can be operated automatically or manually, but the rules are the same. You need to know when your chainsaw requires a refill, and a transparent oil tank can make this quite easy to keep in check.


Electric chainsaws have gained a lot of popularity lately, mostly because of their efficiency and low noise, making them perfect if you don't want to annoy your neighbors. Finding an ideal chainsaw for yourself is not that hard, and we hope that this article has helped you in your search of one. Always make sure to do all the research and find one that will suit your needs and keep you perfectly safe from any harm.

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